Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't look at all the weeds!

This was today's bounty.

The first ripe tomato!

We've been eating yellow squash and zucchini for a few weeks now. The cucumber came in earnest just recently (despite the fact that this one is as big as a moderate size zucchini and much heavier). It's been so hot that the basil is starting to want to make flowers, so I cut back the tops and will make some pesto tonight.

We've already harvested yellow onions and shallots and these are drying in the basement after spending some time outside curing in various places. We had the windows in the house replaced last summer and so I've been using those old expandable window screens to dry onions with. (The ones you buy if your windows are a hundred years old and don't actually come with screens.) Open them up on a wooden clothes drying rack and you've got a great place to cure onions.

We've already harvested many of the beets we planted in the spring, and now the small potatoes are ready as well. (Hee, hee. Small potatoes. They're so cute.)

In case you forgot what the garden looked like this spring, you should scroll down and see the empty pictures.

So awesome. Just don't look to closely or you'll see that we also house lots of weeds in our garden.

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