Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anna is away from her life, please leave a message

Some people leave messages that they're away from their desks. These days I'm always at my desk. Always.

Except for when I get up to take a photo of it, of course.

This is my desk.

This is my desk on a dissertation marathon.

Note the flowers from my garden. Eh, it's too hot to be out there anyways.

I did get to have some fun last month, though. Can't complain. All you music nerds out there know where I am, right?


liam665 said...

"Please leave a message"? Okay, here's my message: You rock! You are going to get through this dissertation with flying colors and it's going to be great. Hang in there ... just a few more weeks.

Oh, all that plus ... kittens!

--You know who

Jeremy said...

Oh my word. I have had you as a Facebook friend for one minute, found your blog, and already been floored by your incredible intelligence AND geekiness. I should probably tell you that I have more or less convinced half of our music majors here that I have the Hand tattooed on my right shoulder.

Anna said...

Oh Jeremy!

Do you mean to say that you don't have that tattoo? That would be so disappointing!

I don't know about the intelligence bit. It's a little known fact that writing a dissertation actually kills your brain cells.

But I'll own up to the geeky, you bet I will.