Monday, April 2, 2007

spring in Ann Arbor

I went for a walk last Thursday because the sky was so blue.

When we moved here in January everything was dark and bleak, so it's nice to see the city in color and sunshine. It's amazing how quickly the transformation takes place from mud and slush to green grass and blooming flowers.

These photos trace my walk from Glen, through Kerrytown, and then back on Depot.

I took the same walk again today to get some ingredients for the Rajma I'm making tonight and as I was buying some cilantro at Sparrow Market I got a British penny in my change! At first I thought it was a Canadian cent (because of the Queen, of course, and also since we were just in Ontario yesterday it seemed more possible than usual to be receiving Canadian money) but it's a nice shiny "Penny" (it even says so). Lucky me! I checked the current exchange rate (for those of you not following the currency markets as of today 1.97 GBP = 1 USD) and, little did they know it, it's as if Sparrow gave me 2 cents instead of one. Now I just need to get over there to England to spend it...

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