Saturday, April 14, 2007

Idle hands are the devil's work, but busy hands are the dissertator's bane

Oh dear knitting, how I've missed you.

I thought I could be a studious worker on my dissertation during this semester of enforced solitude but then I started looking at knitting blogs and websites and now I'm hopelessly distracted. Here's my latest project: an Anthropologie capelet that just about everybody who's knitting and blogging has been making. It's super easy, which was good for lapsed knitters like me who forget how to do yarn-overs and other simple stitches (not that I got the yarn-over right at all in this shrug, don't look too closely!).

Here's the link (I have yet to figure out hypertext):

I used three full 50g balls of Rowan Starlight (because everyone loves a little sparkle). I only bought two when I started but had to go back to Knit a Round for another when it was clear that two was going to make a very, very short little capelet. I should know better than to wander around a yarn shop unsupervised, but my favorite part of my little capelet is the LOVELY shell pin I found while browsing. It's from

Now I'm working on a lovely spring shawl from, my new favorite site for cool and free knitting patterns. And, yes, I have since figured out the yarn-over. Now if only the weather would warm up again so I can wear short sleeves!


Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Iam going to make the capelet with the yarn you used rowan romance I was wondering did you use a size 11 needle? what changes if any did you make to the pattern? what size did you make small ? medium? Darcy

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Here is my email address so you can send me hopefully an email answering the questions I have for you on the Anthropologie capelet made in the rowan romance starlight you made.Darcy

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I was wondering how many raglan increases you did before you split off the sleeves?Darcy

Anna said...

About the raglan increases for the sleeves:
It's been awhile and I'm not the greatest person for looking back at my knitting and knowing what I did from what I have. All I can say is that my sleeves are 31 stitches around. This leaves them nice and loose - I think I have big upper arms! I hope this helps! :-)

What I emailed DKK about her first questions:
I used a size 11 needle for the capelet. The main thing I found is that knitting with Rowan Romance Starlight is different because the yarn is a kind of composite it doesn't have much spring or stretch to it. This affected my capelet in two significant ways: I used more yarn than the original pattern (and actually had to make it a bit shorter at the bottom since I ran out and I had bought the yarn on clearance so there wasn't any more!); secondly, since there isn't as much stretch as a regular wool my capelet isn't as form-fitting as it looks on the peony site. It's still very cute, though, and I'm satisfied with my project. My main advice is to buy around 4 skeins of the Romance for a smallish capelet.

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