Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring in Granville

Spring in Granville. Sometimes I think spring is prettier here than just about anywhere else I've been. So many flowering trees, daffodils, crocus.

Everything came weeks early this year because of the hot weather. Yes, eighty degree days in April are not normal here, nor should they be. Perhaps it's the warm weather or perhaps it was the heavy snow cover we had here this winter, but the flowering trees have been extraordinary this week. But, the asparagus came too early and now it keeps getting nipped by cold nights. Personally, I'm not convinced by the trade off. You can't eat crabapple blossoms...

I'm putting a new bed into the garden for tomatoes and herbs. Under the grow lights I've got four different kinds of tomatoes, tomatillo, peppers, and eggplants. Currently growing in the garden is garlic, rhubarb (amazing since I keep killing all the rhubarb I try to grow, spinach, radishes, bok choi, and snow peas.

And, while I'll admit that I'm not the most organized gardener or tool keeper, I'm secretly thrilled that my lack of attention to the pots outside the back door has meant that a house wren was able to build a nest there.

(Oboists might notice the pieces of warped oboe cane in the white pot. Bad for reeds but good for marking plants in the garden!)

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Grace said...

Love everything about springtime around you.I can imagine spring without daffocils, personally. undortunately daffodiles are not theat macu fave in my country. By the way I hit into your blog while searching knitted collars. I love yours in light olive tobe fastend with pin. I would like to try that, the knitting and the fastening method before this season goes off with marvelous spring. Nice to meet you. I am in Korea.