Friday, July 17, 2009

Before and after

I've become addicted to Design*Sponge and all the pretty things and pretty places featured on the site. Inspired by many of their "before and after" posts featuring reclaimed furniture and redecorated rooms, I've been trying to see more potential in what other people discard or are otherwise done with.

I found this chair on the curb during Granville Clean-Up days when residents can get rid of large items and others can go curb shopping among the piles. Getting it home the four blocks was tricky because it's pretty heavy and it doesn't fit in the car (except in the passenger seat if you leave the door hanging open...).

And it cleans up real nice after four coats of primer.

The seat was made from a cabinet door from a neighbor who is currently ripping out a kitchen back to the studs (thanks James!). The fabric is from the local Granville designer Amy Butler. I made the cushions myself, even covering leftover buttons with fabric to make the matching buttons.


Shopping Golightly said...


I added your comment my latest post on The Thrifty Chicks. I'd been planning on posting "Do you shop where you drop" for months. Thanks for the nudge.

Ms Shopping Golightly

Marlene said...

Hi, Anna! I hope you don't mind that I found you when I was looking at Bill's work. The chair looks just beautiful! I was raving about it, and James said, "I made the bottom." Lo and behold, he did! You amaze me, sister. You are endlessly and wonderfully creative.